Hey Folks!

I hope all is well with you!  Gosh…..so much has happened! I have had some great yet painful revelations and at the same time some great things are happening.   I can’t wait until I am released to share it all.

Although I have not been released,  I do want to tell you the word that God continues to give me regarding a particular situation:  LET IT DIE.   This may be for someone–if this is for you,  then take this in:  As bad as you want to send that last “Goodbye” clarification email, letter and or text, don’t.  Let it go.  Nothing needs to be explained or clarified.  By now you have seen and heard enough!  Everyone isn’t meant to be in your life for the rest of your life.  Moreover,  every person who has a piece of your heart doesn’t always mean they need to be apart of your life.   Cut your losses.

Geez I wish I could get into it but the Lord has cautioned me!!! But as soon as I am released I will expound on that word and why it was given to me.

In the meantime,  stay blessed!!!!!

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