On August 14, the biopic Straight Outta Compton was released in theaters nationwide.   Straight Outta Compton chronicles the prolific rap group N.W.A. ( N**** wit Attitudes)  rise to stardom and how they changed the rap trajectory with tracks of musical genius that relayed brutally honest accounts of life in Compton, California.

It was personal for me as a self professed, true blue rap fan and knowing the history of N.W.A. by the way of my brother who is the ultimate N.W.A. fan.  I remember the cover of the Straight Outta Compton Album because my brother had all of their albums/tapes.

Even if you don’t like rap/N.W.A., the film is still enjoyable.  The casting and acting was superb.  It made you laugh; it made you cry.  You saw a nice balance.  You saw the hood  but you also saw how incredibly smart and talented all of the members were/are.   The film highlighted police brutality,  which is very relevant in 2015. Honestly,  this movie is the best film I have seen all year.  On a personal note,  it was very inspirational.   Without giving too much detail,  here is a quick list of my takeaways:

  1.  Never let anyone distract you or talk you our of pursuing your passion.  Dr. Dre kept pursuing his passion although he faced opposition and critics (including his mother).   Now he is the richest entertainer with the sale of Beats by Dre to Apple.  It inspired me to keep my dream alive of being an entrepreneur regardless of what people think I should do.
  2.  Know your worth and never settle.    Ice Cube left the group first because he realized that the deals were unfair.  Although he made the most money he had ever seen,  he still saw he wasn’t getting what he should have gotten as the primary writer for the group.  He stood his ground—now he is very successful in the film industry.
  3. Speak your truth and dismiss opinion.  The group was investigated by the FBI for using their art to bring light to L.A.P.D’s brutality against minorities in the inner city.  They did it their way without compromise.

After watching the film,  I was inspired to just keep pushing in the direction that is natural for me regardless of what people may think.  Dre was called to producing and he didn’t settle for a desk job.  Because he never settled,  he reached his full potential.    Because Ice Cube would not sign that contract, he took his talent as a writer and projected himself to heights that he probably would have never saw if would have given in.

Moral to the Story:  Go for what you know and don’t settle for something someone else thinks they know.   You know you the best.

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