I don’t post as often as I used to because I am sort of a spiritual muzzle—It is so much I want to address but I have to wait until the appropriate time—I mean everything is done in decency and order, right?  Absolutely.

However, I will say this:   If you are on a path God ordained for you–please remember God ordained it only for you!!! If people in your circle aren’t enthusiastic, please don’t take that personal.   For most people,  there are rules to success.  If you don’t fit their rules,  you aren’t successful in their eyes and therefore they don’t think you deserve their best cheer.

Do not—and I mean do not let that discourage you!  You are in a position in which you should say nothing,  but let God do all the talking once his plans for your purpose are complete.

Be Blessed.  🙂

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