You see the picture of the three Queens dripping in #blackgirlmagic above?  Who are they you ask?  They are the trio named KING.   If you stroll through the archives of my blogs, you will see that I have been rolling with them since they released their EP in 2011.  Five years later—–IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!  KING released their debut album.   And just like I waited years for the Straight Outta Compton movie and the wait was worth it,  the  five year wait was worth the masterpiece that is this album.

There are plenty reviews on the album thus far—so I won’t get  into detail as to exactly WHY i think this is a masterpiece.   However, I will take time to applaud and salute KING on KNOWING THEIR WORTH.

If you read the copyright on their album,  you will see the album was published by King Creative.   You know what that means???? They didn’t follow the music industry rules.  They took complete control of the creative process,  down to creating THEIR OWN label and releasing their own music.  They did it THEIR WAY.   If I had to deduce as to why it took five years to release their debut album,  I would conclude that it took five years for an album because they were aware of their creative and musical genius and was not going to compromise for a record deal.   They write, produce and arrange all of their music (Shout out to Paris because she is a BEAST on that piano and keyboard) .   By releasing their own music without the molestation of record executives,  they did not have to worry about fitting into a box just for marketing and branding purposes.   And the result of not compromising is an exquisite album that you can listen to without skipping a track.

KING:  I salute you for knowing your  worth and not settling.    I look forward to seeing you soar to heights that you didn’t even think were possible.   Your #blackgirlmagic is empowering and inspiring.   Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

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