Hey Folks!

I want to get into lesson 4.   Before I start,  I need to put out some disclaimers.

Disclaimer 1:  The examples given are based on my perspective.  It is only to demonstrate a point; not to drudge up old hurt.   The past is in the past and this is not a form of venting; only a form of sharing in the hopes someone can absorb and be encouraged.

Disclaimer 2:   The examples will not be as detailed; just enough to get the point across.

Now I got that out of the way,  let’s talk:

As you already know,  I went through a journey in which God allowed me not to have my own place for almost two years.  In that two years,  I went though multiple layers of emotions.   Moreover,  I felt as if I had to take certain comments from people that I NEVER would have taken if I was not in that position.   At times,  I felt powerless because I was in a position of need.   However,  in that time I learned a very valuable lesson—every battle isn’t worth fighting.

During that two years, I have had  things said to me that quite frankly were used by demons to kick me when I was down.    Although I felt that way,  I learned not to internalize so much that it would throw off my trajectory to where I am now.   Moreover,  it made me evaluate if certain friendships/relationships were really worth discarding when you have seen the good side of that person.    Moreover,  it showed me that I had a mindset be a great business woman.   In business,  you cannot immediately cut off certain vessels just because something is said to you that offends you.  I learned to adequately evaluate the cost/benefit analysis of the situation, and make the best decision that benefits my life long term.

Moral to the Story:  Pick your battles.  You don’t have to react to every negative  thing said or done.   Sometimes you have to  take that blow in order to reach victory.

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