Hey Sugars!!!!!

It has been a minute.   Some good things have been developing so let’s get into my sermon title…..yes sermon title!  Let’s go.

Lately I have been enjoying an experience that is showing me who I am as a woman.  Y’all:  I am so proud of me.    If you go back through the years I have been blogging,  you will see just three years ago where my confidence and self esteem was.    Honey—–we have to celebrate growth!!!!  I am less caring about what someone does outside of my presence;  because I know that I am a woman worth being chose,  even if that person decides I am not the one for them.   Will it hurt? YES.  As long as you open your heart your are not absolved from hurt. However, what is different now is that I am determined to pick up the pieces and not wait for a man to tell me that “I am a great woman but not for me”  before he sends me out the door.  Honey look:   I know I am a good woman so I don’t really need you to tell me.  Now I watch—because words,  inaction and action will tell you what you need to know.  Once I see that you don’t see me for who I am…..GHOST FACE KILLA.  I AM OUT.

In the spirit of being honest—-I still have some things to tread through,  but I have the tools now to keep myself in tact because I am WHOLE.  Baby—I mean WHOLE.  I have discussed worth so many times on my blog—but I finally know what “knowing your worth”  truly means—at least for me.  Want to know my definition?  Here goes:

Knowing your worth is knowing that you deserve a love that surpasses understanding—a love that you see through your love languages; and when you see that a person cannot give you that love,  you have the strength to A.)  Recognize that said person cannot love you the way that you are worthy, and B.)  Leave them regardless of how much you love or are in love with them.  

THE LJ  is so worthy—she is worthy of a man loving her to the point he is willing to lay his life down for his.  He will do support her in all endeavors;  he will kiss her on her forehead just because;  he will do what he normally would not do because HE LOVES ME.  He will make good choices for US.   I am worthy of a love that I am FIRST—with no residue or competition.   If you can’t provide that—you will tell me either by your words or by your actions—either way when I see the writing on the wall, instead of waiting around to see if that will change—-like I said earlier:  TEAM GHOST FACE KILLA.  OUT.

I have made up my mind I will not settle for anything less;  nor will I let a situation rob me of the best parts of me.  Any man that I have resolved in my heart that i love with receive certain things, not because I am trying to tap dance or show him why he should choose me,  but THAT IS BECAUSE THAT IS WHO I AM.  I AM A WOMAN WHO LOVES, NURTURES AND CATERS FROM HER SOUL.   I won’t let one or sixty bad situations take that from me because that is my core.  If you don’t see my core,  I will be hurt–but I will chop it up as practice for the ONE.    I will keep the best parts of me in tact for the ONE who is worthy of receiving all of me.

LOVES:  YOU ARE IT.  YOU ARE WORTH YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD, SALT, ALUMINUM, PLATINUM——Just keep your heart open and not let anyone walk off with all of your stuff.

That’s all I have.  I had to get that out of my spirit.


Be blessed.  🙂

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