The last time I blogged was in September 2016.   A lot has happened in almost two years.  Folks have died, grown, moved.  I have gained friends, I have lost friends.  Most of all:  I have evolved.   I stopped writing for several reasons.  One: I was ( and I am still) going through a transformation phase in my life.   It sounds cliche and pseudo-poetic,  but it is true.   Two:  I really was not in a space to write about knowing your worth, etc. when I truly haven’t dealt with my issues.   Don’t get me wrong–I believed what I wrote. I still do.   However,  I really wasn’t applying those lessons.  I was still on the same hamster wheel or hurt, pain, low self esteem.    Three:   I love God.   However,  my blog posts weren’t as authentic to who I really am.  They were too……..churchy;   a tad too preachy.  As much as I love God,  He created an individual who thinks outside the box,  sees different perspectives ( even if I may not agree) and likes to use colorful, less than Christian, non politically correct language to get her point across.    I guess I didn’t want anyone to miss the message so I packaged it in a churchy box with a bow.

Now-I can say I am in the process of getting off the hamster wheel.   And I want to blog about it.   Hence the name change.   Hence the change in background.  It is all symbolic of evolution.   I also want to write from a space that is truly authentic to myself.

I am back.

Are you ready to go on a ride?  I want to show you some nuggets I’ve collected since the last time we spoke.

Get ready.

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