In this series I am going to take you on my journey in being intentional in establishing happiness and contentment outside of the anxiety that comes with wanting to be a mother and wife but those dreams are not yet realized. My intentionality is based discovering true happiness regardless if that dream is realized.

With that said, I am also going to chronicle the peaks and valleys I will experience upon this journey. I think that it is so important to show the full picture and not just the highlight reels.

When you desire something that has not manifested, you will have bad days. I will have days that I am sad, angry and even depressed. An epiphany that helps me navigate the sector of my evolution is that I will not win every battle. Winning every battle is not the goal. Winning the war is the goal. I may loose the day to day battle regarding feelings surrounding unrealized dreams. However, conquering my negative feelings with consistent positive feelings is winning the war.

I am worth allowing myself to feel what I feel. I also owe it to myself to keep fighting.

I wanted to share this before I got deep into chronicling this walk. Now–let’s begin, shall we?

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