My plan was to write about something else until God dropped this in my spirit.

Think. Something. Different.

Quick note: this is for the individuals who feel stuck; who feel like every step taken forward, they take two steps back. You are tired of the dance, and rightfully so. I am here and I understand. Hopefully this post will give you what you need to keep on pushing.

Let me repeat: Think. Something. Different.

Life can be a hamster wheel. You feel like you have more losses than victories. You have big dreams for yourself, but it seems like as soon as your dreams are on the cusp of crossing over into reality something happens. You have an unexpected bill. You loose your job. Your health turns for the worst. My mama had a saying that encapsulates this life experience: I can’t win for loosing.

How can one get off the hamster wheel? How can I live abundantly and change my circumstance although all hell continues to break loose?

Thinking different.

Is it that simple? Yes and no. Circumstances can rob you of your hope. When your hope is weathered, your ability to take your mind out of your current reality and focus on your future reality becomes difficult. It becomes hard to think about your future as a financially, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy individual when you have -20.00, gas tank on E and you just lost your job.

Since I realize and understand the difficulty, I think it is useless to pontificate without giving instructions and encouragement.

STEP 1: The first thing you must do if you cannot think past your current situation is to rebuild your hope. In order to rebuild your hope, you MUST pray that God gives you something tangible that feeds that hope. As I was writing this blog, I ran into a woman that had the strongest and most positive spirit. She is a single mother of four children that moved across country with nothing but faith. Even though hellish circumstances surrounded her she held her head high. She continues to work out everyday. She is present with her children. She refuses to be a victim of her circumstance. What she told me confirmed this blog post. She simply said, “I am no victim. My mind is my sanity. You create with your thoughts. It is all in your head.” That conversation not only confirmed God’s instructions, it fed my hope!!! Hence, Open your mind and heart to conversations, words on a billboard, ANYTHING that can spark that fire in your spirit that lets you know something is awaiting me that is BETTER.

STEP 2: Second thing you must do is run with that reignited fire through conscious thoughts. When the your current situation tried to dominate your thoughts and in turn put a halt on your actions, you have to literally force yourself to think about something else–particularly the thing that relit that fire in your belly. You cannot allow the thoughts about your current dominate your mind. Fight for yourself.

STEP 3: The third and most important thing you must do is focus on winning the war and not each battle. You may not be able to think about something different every time the thoughts about your current reality are at the forefront. The doesn’t mean you do not try anyway. The key to this is you MUST make a concerted effort, no matter what the outcome you experience. If you loose the thought battle that day, that is okay. Tomorrow is a new day. However, each day you MUST try! You must FIGHT each day. The more you fight, I promise you the more battles you will win.

STEP 4: The fourth thing you must do is place an action behind your thoughts. For example, do something that feeds your spirit. If you only have 5.00, force yourself to think that it will not always be like this. One day you will have MORE. Then, do something that will get you moving, like cleaning your house or going for a walk. Negative thinking can lead to you not doing anything but laying around. That inaction will keep you locked in–creating a space that you focus on the negativity. Doing SOMETHING allows you yo show yourself that the thoughts do not run you. When you push yourself to THINK and DO positive, your are showing yourself and God that you are fighting, you are worth that fight and you are determined!

STEP 5: The fifth and second most important thing you must do is NOT focus on the time it is taking for your circumstances to change. Focusing on when instead of just focusing on now can lead to discouragement. You may not know when, but you know things SHALL change. Knowing the shift is coming is what is important.

STEP 6: The sixth thing you must do (this actually goes hand in hand with step three) is train yourself to not allow what you feel to dictate what you know. You will not always feel victorious. On those days, you must speak what you KNOW over yourself. Even if you feel like trash. It is part of winning the war.

If you apply these steps on a daily basis, you will become more consistent. God will see you working your faith, and he will give you ideas, vessels, creative outlets–tools to help you win. If you stumble and fall, you owe it to yourself to get back up and fight. Be open to inspiration from anybody, anything at anytime. God is on duty 24 hours a day.

Will this be easy? NO. But will this be worth it? YES. Will you have bad days where you feel like giving up on yourself? YES. Should that stop you? NO. Because you KNOW you can do it and you are worthy of a life change. You may not always feel like it–but feelings are fleeting, so they cannot have the driver’s seat.

If you change your mind then your can change your life.

P.S.: Shoutout to Janet. You inspired me today. She knows who she is.

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