Fulfillment is a major key to being content with your life regardless of the circumstances. One of the things I am focusing on is paying attention to what warms my heart and seeking opportunities to recreate those moments in my life. Those heart warming moments that make life worth living.

I am guilty of living life in passing. I would not appreciate sweet moments until I reminisced about them later. Living life in passing actually robbed me of truly enjoying life in the present. Now, I take time out to stop and take in the moment as it is happening. I give immediate gratitude for the experience instead of being distracted by other things only to wish I had enjoyed the moment more.

How does no longer living my life in passing relate to fulfillment? Good Question.

Fulfillment is a gift that is meant to be immediately unboxed. You learn so much about yourself when you acknowledge moments where you feel the most fulfilled. Also, you can intentionally seek and engage those moments, which leads to living a fulfilling life. Acknowledging and subsequently exploring fulfilling activities/moments takes you out of the waiting room of unanswered prayers. You aren’t focused on what has not yet happened for you because you are focused on what IS happening and the goodness that is attached to the WHAT IS. Living life in passing robs one of the opportunity to engage in fulfillment. Living your life in passing also blocks your ability to see that your life purpose is actually wherever you plant your feet currently and not necessarily in where your feet may be headed.

Fulfillment is also an antidote to jealousy and envy. You can celebrate someone else’s life journey when you see the value in your own. Furthermore, it blocks other people’s words and vibes that attempt to devalue you because you are not where THEY think you should be in life. It does not matter if someone thinks you “don’t have it together”. You know that your position in life is perfect.

I wanted mention something that happened recently that gave me so much fulfillment. I was at the mall and I saw a wallet on the ground. After some googling, I was able to find the person and returned their wallet. It made me feel so good that I could help someone and save them the headache of having to get a new driver’s license and credit cards. That taught me that I am fulfilled when I can help others. Now, I maximize opportunities to serve others. I realize that my heart can be filled now and I don’t have to live empty just because I am single.

The moral to this story is stop and pay attention to what fills your heart. Participate in that any chance you get. Watch how it changes your perspective of yourself.

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