I promised I would chronicle the mountaintop as well as valley moments on this journey.

Today I felt a way.

I wanted to cry, but I could not.

Lately I have been enjoying this journey, but today old feelings crept up like a thief in broad daylight.

I felt loneliness tip toe into my spirit. Fear began to blanket me.

It was time to fight. Loneliness is a battlefield of the mind. In silence, I redirected my thoughts. I took a deep breath. I acknowledged how I felt. I also acknowledged my assignment to walk out my life as it is NOW is so important. My victory in this journey may just influence someone’s perspective or even save their life.

I don’t know.

All I know is this is my walk. My season. My time. My journey. My purpose.

Someone told me years ago that if you are chosen you must endure.

I shall endure.

If you read this and you are also feeling bound by loneliness, you shall endure as well. Someone else’s life may depend on how you walk your journey out.

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