Hey Everybody!

I know it had been a while but I have been so busy with work, travel and just adulting.

I’ve missed you so!

This will not be long–but I just wanted to share some thoughts.

Life is short and every minute matters. Life is to short to engage in things that are just trivial. This includes friendships.

I require a soul connection. In my twenties, I was okay with surface connections for laughs and surface level conversations. In my thirties, I desire and need more. I need people in my life that I vibe with spiritually; people I can be vulnerable with that I can trust my soft spots with. Quality is definitely more valuable than quantity.

Confession time: I always carried anxiety when it came to friendships due to my trust issues. I always carried this fear that the people in my life would talk about me behind my back. That fear has held me hostage and I kept a wall up. I only shared what I wanted people to know.

Now, I seek out relationships in which I can be free to be vulnerable without fear of betrayal. If I feel like a connection cannot evolve to a soul level bond, I am not interested in entertaining it. These are the only type of relationships worth engaging in.

The soul connection is the only connection I seek and desire.

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