Travel. Work. Travel for work.

That is where I’ve been. Under the work rock.

Right now I have green tea in my cup and a documentary about Egyptian Queens playing in the background.

I am seizing this opportunity to connect through written prose.

Pursuing through Twitter, I saw the question, “what have you learned in 2018?”

Instead of limiting my response to 240 characters, I will expound here. You ready? Let’s go.

1. People are people. Humans have both good and negative traits. You cannot let people’s traits affect you to the point it disrupts your peace. Never be surprised by something a human does, rather good or bad. If another person’s behavior violated your ethics, either forgive, cut them loose or do a combination of both.

2. What you do comes back to you. This is self explanatory, but this principle has presented itself to me in some awesome ways this year.

3. Don’t project your ethics onto others. Everyone is entitled to their code of ethics. What you deem is right or worthy doesn’t mean someone else will. Disagree in grace and don’t go looking for a fight when it is already settled you do not agree.

4. The trick of the enemy is to get you trapped in the human experience. It is human to become depressed after experiencing a series of disappointments. It is human to be envious, jealous and hateful when life hasn’t gone your way; when you experience more losses than wins. If you can train your mind not to get trapped in those emotions, you will see victory. The prison of emotions keeps us stuck. It is HARD work not to get caught in the trap. Stay woke.

5. I love being alone. Although I want to be married and have children, I love being able to be free and do what I want to do without limits.

6. God restores. I may have to do an end of the year blog about this. Stay tuned.

7. Singleness, even in your late thirties is a gift.

8. Just because you learn the lesson doesn’t mean you burn the school house down. I heard Sarah Jakes Roberts day this once, and it is so true. When you learn a major life lesson but you know someone who isn’t there yet, it is an opportunity to be an example and not be judgmental because they are still learning.

2018 has went flown by! But it has been a year of growth and restoration. I hope 2018 has been good to you as well.

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