Hey Everybody!

So my birthday starts in three hours. Closing out chapter 36 and starting chapter 37. I am feeling reflective, if that is even a feeling….

I also wanted to share this: There is a simple formula to “finding a man” or “finding a woman”–Time + Readiness: Relationship.

As being (officially as of midnight) a super single woman in my late 30’s, we have to stand tall and confident against society’s judgment. There is definitely a sentiment that something is wrong with you if you are single at a certain age.

Being in a relationship has nothing to do with looks, size, or even baggage. Nobody is perfect and everyone has their insecurities and core defects. So, please stop internalizing that there is something wrong with you. Hell-it is something wrong with EVERYBODY.

You are just being hidden in plain view.

Once the formula falls in place, a you will be in a relationship.

The time part of the equation is self explanatory. The atmosphere has to be right-and honestly timing is out of our control.

However, let’s talk about readiness.

Now, you do have to be ready to be in a relationship, but whether or not you are ready isn’t determined so much by how “together” you are, but how much you are willing to work on yourself to become the best version of yourself . Some issues you cannot unpack by yourself. You need a partner that is willing to help you unpack your bags.

Let’s use trust issues as example. You have to be willing to work past your trust issues on your own, but how can you learn to trust if no one is in your life for you to work on breaking those barriers? Moreover, don’t ever count out your spirit. Your spirit will let you know if someone is different and if they are worthy of your trust.

All in all-nothing is wrong with you. If you are single, it just simply means that all of the parts of the equation hasn’t lined up yet.

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