Hey Everybody!

I love art. I went to the theatre last night and saw Jireh Breon Holder’s Too Heavy for Your Pocket. The play centers around two married couples, The Carters, Tony and Sallie Mae and the Brandons, Evelyn and Bowzie. In 1961, Bowzie is accepted to Fisk University on a full scholarship. While attending Fisk, Bowzie makes the choice to become a Freedom Rider in the Civil Rights Movement. The play is a multi-thematic piece that explores not only the sacrifices of the individuals who were at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement, but also the inter workings of each relationship and how they overcame their personal struggles. It is a well written piece that shows how each couple sees past their own proclivities and choose family and legacy over hurt.

If you are in the Houston area, I recommend that you see it. The acting is great, and the four characters give you four different perspectives both about the Civil Rights Movement and how they handle the conflict pertaining to the movement itself, as well as conflict within their individual relationships. Holder intricately weaves two seemingly mutual exclusive parts of life into tangled web of mistrust, anger, sadness with sprinkles of feminism, toxic masculinity and ultimately forgiveness. Love does indeed conquer all in this piece.

Speaking of mutually exclusive topics, I want to throw this out there: Life is meant to be lived. Don’t wait to live it. Start now. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Be Blessed!

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