Hey Everybody!

It has been a while since I wrote. Life has been busy with work. Although I haven’t posted, this prose has been in the works for some time.

You see the picture? That is where my head has been.

As a single woman who desires partnership, I’ve been pondering whether it is my destiny to be married. You often hear cliches such as “there is someone for everybody”, but yet there are people on the planet that do not partner. Moreover, the Christian church insinuates that marriage is a birthright and God give us the “desires of our heart”. Although the church insinuates the marriage birthright through doctrine, marriage is not promised Biblically.

As Christians, we are given the desires of our heart, but there is a caveat: the desires of our heart must be aligned with God’s will for our lives. Luke 22:42 illustrates this principle. Jesus did not want to walk out his purpose regarding being crucified. Jesus’ desire was to not meet that fate. However, Jesus yielded to God’s will. Since Jesus’ desire did not align with God’s plan, the “cup did not pass” from Jesus.

As singles, we assume that the desire to be married is enough. If we want it , we will get it from God. Often times, we do not consult God to reveal to us whether marriage is part of His will for our life. We don’t have the courage to ask God for fear of the answer. We hope and pray that it is God’s will for our lives, and breathe a sigh of relief if it does happen. We apply a “wait and see” approach versus stepping outside our fear of hearing No.

When Jesus yielded to God’s will, God gave Jesus the grace to walk out his purpose. For years I have just assumed I was supposed to be married. Now, I am asking God what is His plan, and if marriage is not His plan, give me the grace to accept it and live a happy and abundant life within His will.

One more thing: God doesn’t give all desires. But that is another blog for another day.

Be Blessed.

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