The last two years has been such a growing experience for me. In 2016, I was miserable: although I was on the rebound financially, I was still single. As such, My life didn’t have much value. Fast forward to 2019: I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

For the first time in my life, I am content. I love my life. I like myself.

I didn’t like who I was or the trajectory of my life for most of my twenties. I was way too busy looking at the lives of other s thinking that their trajectory was the way my life should be.

I had a cerebral experience that shifted the way I saw myself and my life.

I paid attention to who I was. I took time to get to know myself so I can appreciate m for who I was, flaws and all.

I expanded my view on what love was and the genesis of true love.

I stop thinking and judging myself based on social norms.

I allow myself to desire love without it being an idol.

I allowed someone to be a safe space for me so I could clear out spiritual and mental clutter.

I became more self aware and less triggered by others’ behavior.

I learned to unapologetically protect my peace.

I learned to allow myself to still have moments of residual sadness-I am still human and those moments are indicative of balance.

Life is good.

Life is life. We only have so much time in this realm. Let’s make the best of it.

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