I didn’t realize that I really didn’t know myself until I stopped pining after the idea of a relationship. In 2016, I started this mental evolution towards consistent happiness without the crutch and contingency of a relationship. In 2017, I started to really pay attention to what moved my spirit; what made me feel peace. Here are a couple of examples of what I discovered:

1. I love music and dance. The combination of movement and drums takes me to places I never been before. I love performance.

2. I love to gas up my car, ride and talk to myself. Some of my biggest breakthroughs and prayers happens in my car.

3. I live for a sunny day. I like to go outside and play when it is pretty.

4. People that lack compassion irritate me.

5. People who grew up sheltered irritate me, but I try to have compassion because people cannot help how they grew up.

6. I am a loner. I can be social and enjoy it, but I really enjoy my own company.

If you are single, get to know yourself. Don’t spend time chasing after something so much that you neglect who you are. Can you make a list about YOU?

When you don’t know yourself, anyone can mold you to who you think you should be.

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