If you are going to be happy, you have to stay in your own lane.

You can’t look left or right.

You have to celebrate your victories without measuring them against what someone else is doing.

Comparison is an ABSOLUTE NO.

You also have to rid yourself of the need someone celebrating your victories with you. Your accomplishment may not look like an accomplishment to the next person contingent on their life experience.

Negative Social conditioning will never be your friend. Social conditioning is an amino acid that leads to comparison of someone else’s life. Social conditioning will have you idolizing something that may not be for you, causing you to waste time when you could be walking out the joys of YOUR journey.

Change your perspective on how your were raised and how your environment shaped you. If you grew up poor, with a single parent, etc. You have survival skills that a person who grew up with stability most likely doesn’t have. Your life trajectory was orchestrated to shape you and your purpose. Celebrate that!

Protect your peace! You cannot change how someone thinks. You can only change you.

Take every opportunity to LIVE YOUR LIFE instead of idolizing the idea of someone else’s life. It may look cute from the outside, but you don’t know what type of Hell comes with another person’s livelihood.

My sister once told me that things aren’t necessarily better, they are just different. It was the most profound thing I heard and it aides me in not falling into thought traps.

Be happy. Stay in your lane. If you don’t know what your lane is, then you probably wasting time trying to be in a lane that isn’t yours.

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