Hey Everyone!

It has been a long minute since I wrote so please forgive me! Life is super busy. I will have a little extra time since we are going into the holidays, so I will write a little more.

Since I last wrote, I had a birthday! I turned 38 years old. I started off my 38th year with doing something I never done before: traveled out of the country.

I wanted my first trip to be full of sun, rest and relaxation. As such I chose Puerto Vallarta, México. It was absolutely gorgeous! The drinks and food were good. I got to practice my Spanish some. I had good conversations with people-many were shocked that I traveled alone.

As a single woman I have learned NOT to wait on anything or anyone when it comes to making memories for yourself. Could have I waited until I had a boyfriend to travel internationally? Sure. But why? Times waits on NO ONE.

I loved the entire experience. I loved going through customs and getting my first passport stamp. I loved having to ask for things in Spanish while I waited on my flight to Puerto Vallarta from Mexico City. Most of all, I was humbled that I could actually travel to a different place. For years I was just trying to survive. This trip marks a season of thriving. My life isn’t perfect, but it was definitely dope.

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