Well-It is New Years Eve. The dawn of 2020 is upon us. The dawn of the new year also marks the end of the holiday season. If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know I HATED the holidays for years. However, for the past two years I changed my perspective and as a result the holiday season has been awesome! As a single person, I have created my own holiday traditions. One thing I do is go see Christmas light seeing. I make it a whole event. I go to Starbucks and get hot chocolate, I turn on Christmas music in my car to set the mood and then I go riding through looking at lights. I also watch Christmas baking shows. Watching Christmas baking competitions totally set the mood. Of course, I put up a Christmas tree! I keep tree decor for two years. Next year I will change my tree and decor so I am excited already!

On New Years, I do three things: I do my vision board, I eat a “last meal” and I go to watch meet service at church. Last year my friend was in town so I didn’t go to church, but this year I back on schedule with my New Years traditions.

Just because you are single it doesn’t mean that the holidays can’t be enjoyable. Create your own traditions so you can have something to look forward to! Time waits on no one. If you are waiting on a spouse or partner to make holiday memories with, you are wasting time!

Happy New Year!

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