I am going to keep this quick: Valentines Day can be beautiful as a single person.

Many singles sulk on Valentines Day because they don’t have a partner. I used to do the same until I began my happiness journey. For the last two years, I have been intentional about celebrating Valentines Day. It is the perfect day to celebrate self love. Today was so beautiful. It was a sunny 44 degrees. I planned a whole day for myself. My day started off with a nail appointment. I get my nails done regularly, but this time I got pink and white stiletto hombre nails! I love them!

Next, I got a dermaplane facial at the The Butter Bar Spa. Dermaplaning is a technique where a surgical scalpel is used to take off dead skin and velous hair. Takiya Williams was my aesthetician and she was wonderful. In addition to the dermaplaning, my facial included extractions, deep cleansing and a pore clearing/hydrating mask. My skin glowed!

Next I went to get my eyebrows threaded for a “completed face”. After that, I picked up some chocolate strawberries, smoked salmon, Brie and water crackers. I poured a glass of wine, ate my delicacy and ended my night watching Who Killed Malcolm X.

This has been the best Valentines Day! My day flowed perfectly and I felt grateful and blessed for my life. I felt love.

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