Women are socially conditioned to think that a woman will never be happy until they are chosen for marriage. Women spend their lives waiting to be happy because society and religion has taught them happiness equates to marriage.

No matter what you have been taught in Sunday school, vacation bible school, your singles ministry, by your mother, father, aunts, uncles and cousins—happiness doesn’t equate to marriage. Happiness is what you make it. Happiness is freedom. Happiness is showing up in the world as your most authentic self.

Can marriage play a part in happiness? Sure. But it isn’t happiness in its entirety. Marriage isn’t guaranteed so why would you spend your life waiting on an illusion of happiness when you can work every day to find what happiness is supposed to be for you exactly where you are now?

That’s all I have. Choose real happiness and stop chasing the bullshit you’ve been taught about happiness.

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