Hey everybody! I know it has been a minute–please forgive me! Work and life sometimes get in the way of my creative writing space but recently I had a revelation that I wanted to share. We know that social conditioning tells single women that they should hate their lives—and honestly most do. Hell, I did for a long time so I don’t make that statement with judgement. Although I do desire partnership, I love the two huge gifts singleness has bestowed upon me: time and self prioritization.

I cannot stand when people who are partnered and/or have children assume that single people have tons of free time like we are sitting around titling our thumbs. Just because we don’t have children and/or spouses doesn’t mean we have “time”, per se. We have jobs, organizations, business and creative endeavors that keep us plenty busy. However, as singles we do have the gift of time, meaning that our time is not obligated to any one person, place or thing. With my gift of time I also have the gift to PRIORITIZE MY WANTS AND NEEDS. Being able to put myself first is so important to me. I have time to pour into myself versus being obligated to pour into others and place other people’s needs before my own. It is honestly the most beautiful thing! I get to focus on my dreams. I get to evolve into my best self without any distraction. Growing up I always felt second to someone or something. I didn’t feel like a priority, even from parental figures. I always in someone’s shadow. Being able put myself first gives me the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be a priority. I don’t do anything I don’t want to do and I tell people no often. I get to focus on my self care. I get to dive deep into what truly makes me happy. In my singleness, I can give myself what I felt I never experienced growing up.

Society has programmed people to believe that being single is some sort of disease. It wasn’t until I reprogrammed myself that I really began to see the beauty in being single. Reprogramming my thinking towards being single has legit changed my life. I dont fear “dying alone” or am I secretly depressed because I am single. Life is dope.

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