A couple of months ago I wrote about Ayesha K. Faines and her work regarding Feminine Power. I am so sad to learn that she has transitioned. She was 35.

Thank you Ayesha for using your 35 years to empower and educate women on how to reclaim femininity and use it as a tool to conquer the world. Your work was part of my reprogramming and awakening. Your teaching taught me to search myself and find my power instead of trying to extrapolate it from fruitless, external sources. Many tried to emulate you; even steal your work, but no one compares to the imprint you left in the earthly realm. You work makes you immortal.

I really can’t believe this. Rest Well Queen.


  1. Hello, I don’t know if this is the most appropriate way of proposing an inquiry (since I have so many) but, I wanted to ask in regard to the transitioned queen, Ms. Faines, is her work still being continued or available for purchase? I am interested in purchasing a course or two from her, and just wanted to ask someone who has (taken) her course


      1. Ah I see, and sorry for not getting back sooner. Does purchasing (any) course come with a little WLP community? Also, if it is not too intrusive (and if it is, don’t pay no mind to it) which course(s) have you dabbled in and what sort of “a-ha/that make sense” moments clicked for you?


      2. Hey!!! I don’t mind at all—before I purchased a course I took the quiz on her website (last month it was still available) and watched her hour long synopsis on each archetype on YouTube (it is still up). After that I paid for the Sage course and the Lover course. The courses are in depth. It breaks down the personality traits, the “dark” personality traits of each archetype if they aren’t balanced out, and she uses mythology as examples of each archetype. She also talks about how each archetype exhibits love and the men best suited. I doesn’t come with a community. My biggest aha moment is when she said that Sages make Kings. I am a dominant Sage archetype and in my relationships (including friendships)I was always invested in making sure their vision came to life. I also have a lot of significant male friendships and it made sense when I explored the Sage course.

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      3. Wow thanks for the feedback!! I just started looking at her YouTube channel and gone through the videos and maybe 2 videos away from the 1 hr long video and took her quiz yesterday. I found out that I am a mystic + lover and thus fall under the goddess seduction archetype. I do have one final question 🙂 how in-depth are the videos and material that came with yours (i.e. video duration, external book/articles/YT videos of film/TV scenes references or even printable pdf files for filling out things, etc, etc)? Im the most interested in 3 courses: Goddess Seduction archetype (obviously), The 5 laws and the Feminine Odyssey (I am also a bit interested in the Masculine Archetype Masterclass but wasn’t sure if it was fully complete.) because I would love to see/know where else can I gain knowledge about her approach to all of this.

        But overall thanks for sharing your input with me. I just reached my early 20s and for some time now I realized I felt out of touch with my feminine side and would like to change that now more than ever.


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