It has been a minute!! I often do not write unless I am led by inspiration to do so. Today I definitely was inspired so let’s get to it…..

I turned 40 on November 30. To celebrate this milestone, I went back to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Instead of staying at a resort, I found a Oceanview condo in the city. I enjoyed the beach, good drinks, local cuisine and to top it off I booked a private chef for my birthday dinner. My chef cooked me a four course seafood dinner with dessert.

……and I enjoyed all of this by MYSELF.

Most single women abhor doing things alone, especially traveling. Some of the concern is safety, which is understandable. However, an undercurrent concern is being reminded that they are single. The concerns come from our conditioning about being single, so it is no surprised that most single women cannot even fathom traveling alone. It takes growth to gain courage to get out of the socialization prison and everyone evolves in their own time.

Here we are-72 or so hours before the reset at midnight January 1, 2022. 2021 was a transitional year for me. This year I found the courage to own who I am and accept all that comes with being ME. I also solidified and stood on what I WANT in all aspects of life, regardless of the consequences. I lost some friends this year. I divested from spaces in which I did not thrive. I.chose.me.

I also realized that as single women we wait on the “love of our lives” and that person is already there. Sometimes the love of your life is YOU. I realized that I am the love of MY life. No one can love me and cater to MY needs like me. Anyone that comes into my space has to meet the standards of love that I have molded for myself. I am INTENTIONAL on how I cater to my mental and emotional needs. Anyone in my space is just icing on the cake because the way I love MYSELF is the cake itself.

I am the love of my life. Period.

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