Unless you have been under a rock, you’ve seen the headlines regarding Cheslie Kryst. Cheslie was crowned Miss USA in 2019. She passed away this week from an apparent suicide.

This post isn’t about suicide but about her essay she wrote for Allure Magazine about her turning thirty you want to check it out here it is: https://www.allure.com/story/cheslie-kryst-miss-usa-on-turning-30

She cringed turning thirty due to how society treats women that are thirty and over. As sad as her death is, this essay she penned made me even more sad. Although the essay didn’t mention anything about her relationship status playing a part in why she dreaded turning thirty, we know that many women fear turning thirty due to being single and not living up to societal standards set for women.

You would be surprised how many women suffer from depression because their lives don’t live up to societal standards. I was one of those women. I am here to reiterate that a woman’s worth isn’t defined by the social timeline. You have worth. You have to change your mindset in order to walk in your worth.

Dear women: you are not washed up at thirty. It is up to you to create a space in which you can walk in your worth. Here are some pro tips:

  1. Get rid of ANYONE in your life that measures their lives by societal standards. You don’t need to ingest that type of energy.

2. Get rid of women that obsess about relationships and cannot be alone.

3. Set up healthy boundaries with your parents if they hound you about where they think you should be in life.

4. Stop going to places of worship that don’t affirm you exactly where you are.

You are worth more than gold. Fuck society and anyone that lives by those stupid ass rules.

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