I’ve stated before that being single birthed a passion in me to encourage single women to seek happiness and abundance regardless of their relationship status through my writing. I hear and read countless stories of women operating out of feelings of worthlessness due to their singleness. Many women are stuck in life because they feel as if they need a relationship in order to be happy. It is my duty to use my gifts to help women sing a different song.

Real quick: I have said time and time again there is NOTHING wrong with desiring a husband/partner. I think partnership done right is a dope thing. However -it is something VERY wrong with women who literally experience depression and an overall lower quality of life because their desires have turned into an obsession and the obsession has their whole lives revolving around something that may not happen for them. Many women think that if you pursue happiness regardless of relationship status, that you are giving up on your desire. I do not advocate for women to give up their desire for marriage, but I do advocate for breaking the social shackles that come with that desire. Now back to regular scheduled programming.

My passion is not popular. The average woman doesn’t want to hear how she can live life abundantly without a husband (and for most children in tow). They want someone to who is going to feed their hope and their fantasy. It takes an immense amount of mental and emotional work to get to a place where you loosen the chains of socialization. When women have been pressured by other women (especially women in their own family), been told by the church that it was their birthright to have a husband compounded with centuries of witnessing very narrow life paths for women—there is no competing with a mindset that has been in place long before I accepted the call to do this work. Although I know my passion isn’t popular, I know it is important. Someone has to be a voice for the woman who dares not to speak for fear of being socially ostracized. Someone has to be the voice for the woman who pretends to be happy but really wants to have a space in which she can be free in who she is exactly where she is. I chose to be the voice.

If your passion isn’t popular, you can’t allow the lack of popularity to stop you from pursuing it. You never know who is watching you and you feed through your passions. I see my statistics on my posts-and I don’t give a damn about that. I don’t care because I know I am planting seeds of freedom regardless of engagement. I don’t ever have to hear it personally-but as long as I have helped free the mind of at least one woman-my passion has fulfilled its purpose.

The moral of the story is this: Go forth and conquer your passions-popularity be damned.

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