This won’t be long.

I apologize.

Everything that I write on the site is the absolute truth and I believe in it all. I am and have been single for the last 12 years. However, I had been in a situation in which there was no commitment other than me being in love with that person, a friendship with benefits and me having hope that one day he would take me off the market.

Well-I found out he got married.

I am going through a healing process. It is so much to that situation. Maybe I will get into it, maybe not.

I want to apologize to you because one of the revelations in this healing process is that you have to be careful about how you move in life and you MUST move in integrity. Although I was technically single, I had a crutch in my back pocket I was hoping to come to fruition. I was somewhat playing both sides of the fence and for that I am sincerely sorry. I always said there is nothing wrong with desiring partnership-you just can’t let any prospect of one keep your single life on hold. I still stand by all of that and every blog born of that concept.

One of the many blessings is this experience-this healing process I am going through I making me put everything I have learned, believed and talked about to the test. Without that crutch-that hope of that friendship with benefits turning into something more-I will be standing on these words, lessons and prose with 100 percent integrity.

Here’s to integrity. Here is to being a single happy woman. No prospects/hope for anything partnership wise. Just single and happy.

Be blessed.

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