Celebrating the Pivotal Moments on Valentines Day

Hello People! I watched a Breakfast Club interview with Amanda Seales a couple of weeks ago. If you watch the HBO series Insecure, she plays Tiffany Dubois, the annoying bougie friend amongst Issa, Kelli and Molly. She just debuted her HBO comedy special, I Be Knowin'. She said something in the interview that stood out … Continue reading Celebrating the Pivotal Moments on Valentines Day

Prioritizing YOU

Hey Everybody! Real Quick--If you are single and all of your friends are on the relationship/marriage/baby track, you can celebrate with them without sacrificing your happiness. It can get old feeling like the "odd man out". The dope thing about being single is that you have (outside of work obligations) total control over your time. … Continue reading Prioritizing YOU

Green Smoothie Kick

Here's to your health! I started making these at home. After reading and watching Youtube videos about them, I decided I will jump on the bandwagon.  This one I made has cilantro, pineapple, pineapple juice, 100 percent/no sugar added orange juice, avacado, kale, spinach and green apples.  It tastes ridiculously awesome!  It can get a … Continue reading Green Smoothie Kick