Be Genuine

Ok this is a double header: Always be genuine in your words and actions. When you tell someone you are happy for them, truly mean it or don't say it. Don't say or do things because it is the proper or politically correct thing to do. I often wonder about people who are serial wedding/engagement … Continue reading Be Genuine

Jealousy-A Flip Side Perspective-Part II

If you haven't read Part I, read that first. In the last blog, I presented an alternative to behaviors that are commonly read as jealousy. I also acknowledged that although jealousy is not as prevalent as people claim, it DOES exist. There are individuals that no matter how awesome you may be to someone, they … Continue reading Jealousy-A Flip Side Perspective-Part II

Jealousy: A Flip Side Perspective —Part I

I have been waiting to write this prose. Let's get into it. Jealousy is an age old construct in relationships. A relationship can range from intimate/close friendships to an associate/I know you but we are not close level. Typically, the jealousy construct is most often seen in close friendships. Let's benchmark this classic example: We … Continue reading Jealousy: A Flip Side Perspective —Part I