Accepting God’s No

Hey Everybody! It has been a while since I wrote. Life has been busy with work. Although I haven't posted, this prose has been in the works for some time. You see the picture? That is where my head has been. As a single woman who desires partnership, I've been pondering whether it is my … Continue reading Accepting God’s No


Hey  Everybody: I just wanted to take time out to express thankfulness to God.  I have had some trying times but when I look back on my life He has carried me a VERY long way.  He has protected me  from things both seen and unseen.  Things in the natural I see as disappointment and … Continue reading Thankfulness

A Quick Explanation

I told you guys when I began this blog, at times my entries may seem somewhat schizophrenic.   As you have may notices,  the last couple of entries have actually been love letters to myself.  Let me explain why that is: As a Christian,  my life (although this sounds super cliche) is far from perfect. … Continue reading A Quick Explanation

Busting and Removing Christian Stereotypes

As a Christian,  there are some stereotypes that I actually abhor and tonight I would like to address some of this stupidity: 1.  Christians leave  their brain at the door when they enter a church.   To some, this may seem like it is the case but we are not all dead brained people who … Continue reading Busting and Removing Christian Stereotypes