Accepting God’s No

Hey Everybody! It has been a while since I wrote. Life has been busy with work. Although I haven't posted, this prose has been in the works for some time. You see the picture? That is where my head has been. As a single woman who desires partnership, I've been pondering whether it is my … Continue reading Accepting God’s No

The Rebel

Being happy as a single woman in your late thirties is effort. It takes strength to be honest about your desires and the negative feelings about being single but not let those negative feelings erode your positivity about life in general. It also takes strength to stand up and be confident in a society where … Continue reading The Rebel

Change the Narrative

I have been blessed to walk this terrain. I get the opportunity to encourage women (and men) to change their life narrative; to break curses over their lives placed upon them by negative social conditioning. There is freedom is being able to balance and navigate life without the shackles of feeling less than enough because … Continue reading Change the Narrative

Alternate Fairytale Series: Passing the Baton

Happy Sunday. It is late so I will keep it short. I started this blog so some woman (or man) could read it and know that if they are in a similar space as I am, they are not alone. I want people who are on a similar life path to feel as if their … Continue reading Alternate Fairytale Series: Passing the Baton

The Curious Case of Wendy Williams

Unless you have been under a rock, I am pretty sure you have heard about Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter and his alleged mistress and baby girl. I am not going to rehash the details. Just Google those names if you don't know but are curious about the back drop of the story. … Continue reading The Curious Case of Wendy Williams

Alternative Life Series: The Fine Print

Happy Sunday Everyone! As promised, I am being vulnerable regarding all aspects of this journey. I have great days. Sometimes I have not so great days. Today is one of those days where it is not so great. I am not sitting here licking wounds. I am showing you what paving toward victory really looks … Continue reading Alternative Life Series: The Fine Print

Celebrating the Pivotal Moments on Valentines Day

Hello People! I watched a Breakfast Club interview with Amanda Seales a couple of weeks ago. If you watch the HBO series Insecure, she plays Tiffany Dubois, the annoying bougie friend amongst Issa, Kelli and Molly. She just debuted her HBO comedy special, I Be Knowin'. She said something in the interview that stood out … Continue reading Celebrating the Pivotal Moments on Valentines Day