Accepting God’s No

Hey Everybody! It has been a while since I wrote. Life has been busy with work. Although I haven't posted, this prose has been in the works for some time. You see the picture? That is where my head has been. As a single woman who desires partnership, I've been pondering whether it is my … Continue reading Accepting God’s No

Alternative Life Series: The Fine Print

Happy Sunday Everyone! As promised, I am being vulnerable regarding all aspects of this journey. I have great days. Sometimes I have not so great days. Today is one of those days where it is not so great. I am not sitting here licking wounds. I am showing you what paving toward victory really looks … Continue reading Alternative Life Series: The Fine Print


The goal is consistency. To be consistently confident. To love yourself on a consistent basis. To like yourself on a consistent basis. Will you feel confident every day? No. However, consistency will give you the foundation to feel confident most of the time. It will also give you the power to push through tough times; … Continue reading Consistency


Hey  Everybody: I just wanted to take time out to express thankfulness to God.  I have had some trying times but when I look back on my life He has carried me a VERY long way.  He has protected me  from things both seen and unseen.  Things in the natural I see as disappointment and … Continue reading Thankfulness

Clear Instructions

You all know I don't like long blogs, so I am going to get straight to it. For years I wondered how do you know you are hearing from God versus you talking to yourself or it being your imagination at work? First things first:  If you don't spend time with God it is ABSOLUTELY … Continue reading Clear Instructions