Discovering Value

Hey Folks! It is 8:17 am in my part of the world.  I have been somewhat absent because life has been emotionally turbulent.  However, today I feel peace in my spirit.  Actually, today is the second day in the row I felt peace.  It is truly a wonderful feeling.  The peace I feel doesn't indicate … Continue reading Discovering Value

The Risk v. The Reward

Hey Everybody! I want to talk about one particular subject:  Bandwagons. Yes...bandwagons.  Getting on the horse, falling off the horse, only to get back on the horse for another try.   Of course, my bandwagon is celibacy...let's go on and get into this.  Y'all ready for some transparency? if so, keep reading,.... If you troll … Continue reading The Risk v. The Reward

Celibacy by Choice vs. Celibacy By Force–An Update

Good Evening People! I am one for transparency so it is time for an update on my celibacy journey.   Drum roll please.......................My journey has been a.....................FAILURE.  COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE.  I understand that God's grace in my struggle should not be  taken lightly.   But I have  to acknowledge that sex is a major hurdle … Continue reading Celibacy by Choice vs. Celibacy By Force–An Update