Change the Narrative

I have been blessed to walk this terrain. I get the opportunity to encourage women (and men) to change their life narrative; to break curses over their lives placed upon them by negative social conditioning. There is freedom is being able to balance and navigate life without the shackles of feeling less than enough because … Continue reading Change the Narrative

Alternative Life Series: The Fine Print

Happy Sunday Everyone! As promised, I am being vulnerable regarding all aspects of this journey. I have great days. Sometimes I have not so great days. Today is one of those days where it is not so great. I am not sitting here licking wounds. I am showing you what paving toward victory really looks … Continue reading Alternative Life Series: The Fine Print

The Consolation Prize

Hey Everybody!!!! It has been awhile!!!! I hope you are healthy and happy with who you are and where you are. It is February! So you know what is coming up....Valentines Day!!! Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I think the subject of the Consolation Prize is appropriate. So...I've been doing vision boards for the past … Continue reading The Consolation Prize

Alternative Fairytale Series-Making New Memories: The ByProduct of Getting to the Happy Place

So--I hated Christmas for years. From October 31 until December 31 I would have the worst attitude and feel so depressed-until last year. Last year, I decided I was going to change my perspective. I was going to try and look at the holiday season differently, so I put up a Christmas tree. I bought … Continue reading Alternative Fairytale Series-Making New Memories: The ByProduct of Getting to the Happy Place

Think Something Different

My plan was to write about something else until God dropped this in my spirit. Think. Something. Different. Quick note: this is for the individuals who feel stuck; who feel like every step taken forward, they take two steps back. You are tired of the dance, and rightfully so. I am here and I understand. … Continue reading Think Something Different

The Value of Your Struggle

Obama delivered the commencement speech at Morehouse College this year.  In that speech, he mentioned that no one really cares about how you have had it rough (paraphrasing).   This is a very true statement.  People don't and won't care. I used to take the fact that people's lack of understanding for my life experience … Continue reading The Value of Your Struggle