Celebrating the Pivotal Moments on Valentines Day

Hello People! I watched a Breakfast Club interview with Amanda Seales a couple of weeks ago. If you watch the HBO series Insecure, she plays Tiffany Dubois, the annoying bougie friend amongst Issa, Kelli and Molly. She just debuted her HBO comedy special, I Be Knowin'. She said something in the interview that stood out … Continue reading Celebrating the Pivotal Moments on Valentines Day

The Consolation Prize

Hey Everybody!!!! It has been awhile!!!! I hope you are healthy and happy with who you are and where you are. It is February! So you know what is coming up....Valentines Day!!! Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I think the subject of the Consolation Prize is appropriate. So...I've been doing vision boards for the past … Continue reading The Consolation Prize